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Cranberry Infused Honey

Cranberry infused honey is smooth, aromatic and mildly tart with subtle floral hints that finishes with a very light fruit flavor. Cranberry honey pairs well with dark chocolate of any variety, adds texture and taste to cranberry sauce, and is a healthy replacement for sugar in fruit preserves. The floral notes in our cranberry honey pair best with apples, cornbread, pork, poultry, tangerines and walnuts. It's also a perfect addition to warm chamomile tea.

Sourwood Artisanal Honey

Sourwood Honey originates in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia. It has a flavor that is floral with light hints of baking spices. The honey's color ranges from pure white to light amber with a slightly pink tint and its texture is defined as a smooth but not overly sweet.  There is a definite aftertaste of anise to this honey. Hard to come by but worth the effort.

Rainforest Premium Honey

Our Rainforest Honey is unsurpassed for richness and depth of taste among all honeys. Native bees store a rare honey using nectar from flowering rainforest trees, resulting in a complex sensation with a subtle aftertaste. Upon opening you will first notice a pleasant woodsy aroma, then taste a strong unique sweetness with spicy hints of exotic fruit. 

Habanero Infused Honey

The habanero chili is native to the Caribbean, the Yucatan and the North Coast of South America. It has captivated chili lovers with its fiery heat and complex flavors of mango and papaya. The pepper’s heat can easily be tempered with the infusion of honey. Blend with butter for a mouth-watering glaze on grilled salmon or a savory addition to steamed or grilled veggies. Use it to make hot honey mustard or spread it over corn bread and biscuits.